Company Profile

About Us

OPENMIND Technologies was founded in 2005 as a business concept. It began trading on a limited scale from November 2005, and commenced full-scale operations in July 2006. During this interim period, OMT was assisted to grow through intensive mentoring and guidance at MIP Holdings (Pty) Ltd, a leading IT solutions development company in South Africa. Since the commencement of incubation at MIP Holdings (Pty) Ltd, OMT has provided quality services in a broad range of IT work to clients in:

  • IT consulting and software development
  • Insurance services
  • Education
  • Science and technology
  • The Motor sector

The Team

OPENMIND Technologies is comprised of highly skilled open-minded individuals who are focused on service delivery and seamless integration of systems. The team has a united vision of giving quality service that is unique to the market. With our foundation in ingenuity, we always put down solutions, stand on the user side and carefully apply our technical knowledge to achieve what is best for the user without compromising the security and efficiency of the systems. Our promise is to deliver on time.

About the founder

Fezile Dyele, is the founder and Managing Director of OPENMIND Technologies. A highly experienced IT professional, he holds a National Diploma Electrical Engineering (LC). In addition, he holds a variety of professional training qualifications. His technical expertise includes local and wide area networks, IP protocol management, and advanced IT client server solutions services. Fezile is proficient in a variety of high-level computer languages, including MySQL, MS SQL, HTML, PHP and Perl. In operating systems administration, Fezile is proficient in UNIX, Linux and Microsoft Windows OS packages. He is also highly skilled in Server Technologies including Windows 2008/2012/2016/2019 Servers, IIS Server, Apache Server, LDAP, Active Directory, Network backups, Firewalls and Data Security. Furthermore, he also has vast experience in Cisco, HP and D-Link Network Infrastructures.

Partnership philosophy

All future shareholding and partnership strategies are carefully assessed to ensure that they are value-adding relationships through which OMT maximizes benefits for both itself and it’s client base. This especially relates to developing a common vision in corporate culture, human resource management and development, and corporate governance.
In achieving the above strategies, OMT aims to bolster South Africa’s broad based Black economic empowerment by providing leading local IT firms opportunities to partner with a well-established, forward-looking, Black-owned IT firm that is adequately positioned to create effective partnerships in accordance with the South African IT Industry Charter. Being a small enterprise operating in South Africa’s highly competitive IT sector, we are proud to be part of the growing component of Black-owned and empowered firms offering top-quality products and service to clients on the one hand, and empowerment, dignity and national pride to historically disadvantaged individuals and communities.

OPENMIND Technologies’s technical and other capability includes:

  • Strategic skills transfer
  • Technical support
  • Infrastructure design and management
  • Systems analysis
  • Administration and project management
  • Client building networks

OPENMIND Technologies provides services based wholly on technological needs. We believes in and fully supports broad-based access to all our services, irrespective of ethnic background, affiliations or financial criteria.

Business Services

Computer infrastructure enviroments continue to grow more complex, which makes maintaining peak performance of your entire system increasingly difficult. Our proactive approach to network management systems means you receive a full spectrum of services from an IT support team with over 50 years of combined experience. Due to the complexity and importance of IT, you can’t afford to go without professional network management services. We cut through the market hype and offer only the specific, business-centered solutions you require, promising you maximum ROI.

Our technicians, engineers and project managers have a proven track record of delivering high quality service and customization for every client in a number of industries. Our network management services method provides you with the resources you need to feel in control of your IT environment. We help you stay one step ahead, reducing the business risk associated with downtime, new security vulnerabilities and inconsistent performance.

Technology planning, assessment and acquisition

We provide a wide range of planning, assessment and acquisition services that can help you view your existing infrastructure in a whole new way.

With our approach,any deficiencies and vulnerabilities are easily identified. Our network management systems experts can help you develop a technology roadmap to enhance your infrastructure, so it’s secure and delivers optimal performance. We offer evaluation, system design, purchasing consultation and online technology acquisition, configuration, testing, deployment and post-installation management.


Change is the only constant in the IT industry.

Staying current on the latest technologies and regulations is simply impossible for most companies. Our network management services can fill in the knowledge and experience gaps when needed; just call our expert consultants anytime – 24/7 – and execute industry best practices that ensure your compliance with the latest government standards and secure your IT environment.

Remote and Mobile Worker Support

Remote and mobile workers can stay connected with everyone in the company with help from our network management services.

Greatly reduce downtime and maximize your staff’s productivity with our online asset management and 24/7 help desk access.

Business Services include:

  • Domain setup and deployment (Active Directory, Windows Server, Security)
  • Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Office 365 setup
  • Migrating to Microsoft Office 365
  • Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016
  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019
  • Apple Macintosh (OS X)
  • ISS or Apache Web Servers
  • Server hardware support
  • Wireless setup
  • Networking (Routers, Hubs, Switches, VPN, Firewalls)
  • Patch deployment and security checks
  • Domain security
  • Hardware and software support (Desktop, Laptops, Server)
  • Application support (Proprietary Applications, Microsoft, CRM,)
  • VPN setup for remote network access
  • Back-ups
  • Linux setup and support. (Apache, MySQL, File share, Samba)

We know how hard it is to find a good technician these days. We pride ourselves on developing relationships with our customers. Letting them know they can trust and count on us to return their calls immediately and provide them with support ASAP.

Mission statement

Our business is to make your business more effective and profitable. We are a people-driven company that is dedicated to building long-term relationships with all our business partners, staff and clients. Our goal is to become a technology solutions service provider of choice within our community.


Our vision is to be a technology solutions service provider leader across a diverse range of technology industries. We will achieve this through the provision of high quality products and services, backed by a sincere dedication to superior customer service and building of long term stake holder value.

Core Values

• Passion • Honesty • Integrity • Commitment to Customers • Team Work • Service • Respect • Perseverance • Constant Improvement • Continuous Learning

Statement of business and client service ethics

  • We are committed to providing honest and impartial advice to all our clients before and after sales have been completed.
  • We are committed to building long-term human relationships by always employing fairness, transparency, honesty and integrity in dealings with internal and external clients as well as business partners and staff.
  • We are committed to always being friendly and helpful and to always walking the extra mile for all our customers.
  • We are committed to resolving our customer’s queries and problems in the most efficient and effective way possible.
  • In the event that a resolution to a problem cannot be found immediately, we are committed to keeping our clients up-to-date on the status of queries and giving them timely feedback on the progress of their queries.
  • We are committed to always keeping our clients best interests at heart and performing all actions necessary – within the boundaries of our power and influence in the industry to ensure this.
  • We are committed to taking ownership of the customer services function through a dedicated customer services team, as well as continuously improving customer relationships.
  • We are committed to the goal of continuously striving to improve service through embracing the customer service culture at all levels of our enterprise, and to the continuous generation, evaluation, design and implementation of new client service ideas.
  • We are committed to accepting responsibility for our mistakes and ensuring that they are rectified effectively and efficiently.