All future shareholding and partnership strategies are carefully assessed to ensure that they are value-adding relationships through which OMT maximises benefits for both itself and it’s client base. This especially relates to developing a common vision in corporate culture, human resource management and development, and corporate governance.

In achieving the above strategies, OMT aims to bolster South Africa’s broad based Black economic empowerment by providing leading local IT firms opportunities to partner with a well-established, forward-looking, Black-owned IT firm that is adequately positioned to create effective partnerships in accordance with the South African IT Industry Charter. Being a small enterprise operating in South Africa’s highly competitive IT sector, we are proud to be part of the growing component of Black-owned and empowered firms offering top-quality products and service to clients on the one hand, and empowerment, dignity and national pride to historically disadvantaged individuals and communities.

At present we are proud to be partnered with the following companies: